ABFPRS Leaders Test Pilot MOC in FPRS® Exam

“I’d like to thank our board of directors and many senior advisers for committing the time and effort to take this historic Maintenance of Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® examination,” said Shan Baker, M.D., ABFPRS President. He was addressing the “test pilots” on June 22 in Washington, D.C., just before they put pencil to paper for the written portion of the first MOC in FPRS® exam. 

“I haven’t taken an examination since I sat for the ABFPRS exam in 1994,” said Theda C. Kontis, M.D., ABFPRS board member. “When this is over, I’m going out to get the biggest chocolate sundae I can get my hands on,” she divulged. Other board members expressed similar anxieties before taking the examination. “I haven’t had much time to study,” confessed Peter A. Adamson, M.D., ABFPRS senior adviser. “But I believe this is a necessary experience for all of us who have worked so hard to make sure the ABFPRS represents and encourages the highest professional standards for our specialty. I always tell our examinees that ‘we’ll see you on the other side,’ just before they start the written portion. Now, after so many years, I’m on the other side as an examinee and I feel humbled,” he acknowledged. 

Each module (cosmetic, reconstructive or combination) of the ABFPRS MOC in FPRS® exam is administered during a single day. The written test for each module contains 100 multiple-choice items and is given over a two-hour period. The oral test contains four oral protocols administered in one hour by two examiners. 

Most of the “test pilots” were feeling very positive about the experience after they completed the exam’s final phase, the hour-long oral protocol session. “It was a very fair examination,” exclaimed Keith LaFerriere, M.D., ABFPRS senior adviser. “The MOC in FPRS® tested what I should be expected to know as a facial plastic surgeon whose practice focuses on cosmetic surgery. I feel good about this.” 

“I’m proud to be a part of this group,” said Harrison C. Putman, M.D., ABFPRS board member, as he toasted the surgeons after the examination. “No other organization has done as much to make me want to expand my knowledge and expertise. By participating in the MOC in FPRS® process, we’ve just added another level of commitment to facial plastic surgery’s high professional standards.” 

Any diplomate who has questions about requirements or his or her status as regards the MOC in FPRS ® program should contact ABFPRS Executive Director Laurie Wirth at the ABFPRS office; Tel.: 703-549-3223; Fax: 703-549-3357; 115-C South St. Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. MOC in FPRS ® application materials can be viewed on the ABFPRS website at www.abfprs.org.


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