Dr. Alexander Cuno wins the Claus D. Walter Award

Dr. Alexander Cuno, of Geneva, Switzerland, earned the highest score on the 2015 IBCFPRS examination, administered in cooperation with the ABFPRS, in Washington, D.C. last June. Dr. Cuno’s score was the highest score achieved to date by an international candidate and he will be honored with the Claus D. Walter Award for Academic Excellence at the AAFPRS Fall Meeting in Dallas, Texas on October 1st.
Dr. Cuno achieved his top score as an IFFPSS fellow who was taking the examination after completing a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship in Perth, Australia with Dr. Tuan Pham. Dr. Cuno stressed that Dr. Pham’s “happiness-centered business culture,” pursuit of perfection in the care of his patients, and his dedication to each of his fellows, has provided Dr. Cuno with the opportunity to grow as a facial plastic surgeon and expand his commitments to the IFFPSS and the development of the specialty throughout Europe.
Now that Dr. Cuno has finished his IFFPSS fellowship, he has begun his own practice in Geneva and is also working as a facial plastic surgery consultant for the ENTOURAGE clinic in Lausanne.
“I extend my most sincere thanks to the IBCFPRS for granting me the Claus D. Walter Prize,” relates Dr. Cuno. “It truly is a great honor for me and I am proud to offer this to my mentor Tuan Pham. I also have to express my gratitude to the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery for this opportunity.”

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