This committee shall review the Board’s financial records and its management of assets and recommend changes it believes
necessary to protect and increase the Board’s assets.

Edward Dean Buckingham, M.D. Chairman
Harrison C. Putman, Ill, M.D., Senior Financial Adviser
Peter Allan Adamson, OOnt, M.D.
Andrew Angelo Jacono, M.D., FAGS,
Anthony P. Sclafani, M. D.,
Robert L. Simons, M.D., Ex-officio

Bylaws and Publications

This committee shall consider revisions to the organization’s bylaws, policies, and informational publications and shall, if
deemed desirable, recommend amendments to the Board of Directors.

Peter Allan Adamson, Oont, M.D.
Mark V. Connelly, M.D.,
Eric Malcolm Gross, M.D., FACS,
James M. Pearson, M.D.,
Robert L. Simons, M.D.,


This committee shall review applications for examination and certification and recommend eligible candidates to the Board.

David W. Stepnick, M.D. Chairman
Mark V. Connelly, M.D., Senior Adviser
Harrison C. Putman, Ill, M.D., Senior Adviser
Rami Kamal Batniji, M.D., Western Region
Gregory H. Branham, M.D., Midwest Representative
James Randall Jordan, M.D., At-Large Representative
Brian P. Maloney, M.D. F.A.C.S., Southern Region
Mary Lynn Moran, M.D., At-Large Representative
David A. Sherris, M.D., Eastern Region
William W. Shockley, M.D., At-Large Representative
Travis T. Tollefson, M.D., , At-Large Representative
Ritchie A. L. Younger, M.D., Canadian Region


This committee shall select specific items and protocols for each examination, shall oversee the administration of the examination, and shall, if deemed necessary, recommend to the Board procedural changes that assure the integrity of the examination.

Oral Examination Review Group
Catherine P. Winslow, M.D., Oral Exam Co-Chair
Cynthia M. Gregg, M.D., Oral Exam Co-Chair
Scott (Sherard) A. Tatum, Ill, M.D., Oral Exam Co-Chair
Harrison C. Putman, Ill, M.D., Senior Adviser
Khalid Ansari, M.D., Oral Exam Reviewer
Samuel M. Lam, M.D., Oral Exam Reviewer
Grace Lee Peng, M.D., Oral Exam Reviewer
Joseph Rousso, M.D., Oral Exam Reviewer
Ivan Wayne, M.D., Oral Exam Reviewer

Written Examination Review Group

David B. Hom, M.D., Written Exam Co-Chair
Anurag Agarwal, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer
Jose E. Barrera, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer
Jordan Paul Sand, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer
Philip S. Schoenfeld, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer
Scott J. Trimas, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer
Deborah Watson, M.D., Written Exam Reviewer


This committee shall maintain the bank of items for the MOC Longitudinal Assessment program and shall develop such
new items to assure the currency and comprehensiveness of the program.

Development Committee
Catherine P. Winslow, M.D., Chairman
Kaete Archer, M.D.
Jaimie DeRosa, M.D.
Oren Friedman, M.D.
Jewel D. Greywoode, M.D.
Sam M. Lam, M.D.
Deirdre S. Leake, M.D.
Samuel Oyer, M.D.
Chaz Stucken, M.D.
Kristina Tansavatdi, M.D.
Ivan Wayne, M.D.,

Review Committee
James Randall Jordan, M.D., Chairman
Shan R. Baker, M.D.
Gregory H. Branham, M.D.
Andrew C. Campbell, M.D.
Harley S. Dresner, M.D.
Harrison C. Putman, III, M.D.
Travis T. Tollefson, M.D.
Deborah Watson, M.D.

Graduate Medical Education

This committee shall assist in maintaining and elevating standards of graduate medical education and facilities for specialty training in medicine in collaboration with other concerned organizations and agencies. This committee shall establish and administer a mechanism for assisting accrediting agencies in the evaluation of training programs. A further charge to this committee is to develop the process and mechanism for maintenance of certification.

Edwar D. Buckingham, M.D., Chairman
John S. Rhee, M.D., MPH, Senior Adviser
Oneida A. Arosarena, M. D.,
Patrick Joseph Byrne, M. D.,
Andrew C. Campbell, M.D.,
Edward W. Chang, M.D. DDS,
Mark V. Connelly, M.D.,
Minas S. Constantinides, M.D.,
Robert M. Kellman, M.D.,
Mark Mofid, M.D.,
Vito C. Quatela, M.D.,
Navin Singh, M.D.,
Lee E. Smith, M.D.,
Paul Stanislaw, Jr., M.D.,
Tom D. Wang, M.D.,

New Generation

Shervin Naderi, M.D., Chairman
Anurag Agarwal, M.D., Advisory member
Michael Brandt, M. D., Advisory member
Grant S. Hamilton, Ill, M.D., Advisory member
Lisa Ishii, M.D., Advisory member
Mark Mofid, M.D., Advisory member
Nima Shemirani, M.D., Advisory member
Douglas M. Sidle, M.D., Advisory member
Amar Suryadevara, M.D., Advisory member

Resource Development

This committee shall maintain the bank of written items and oral protocols for the examination and shall develop such new items and protocols, as it deems necessary, to assure the currency and comprehensiveness of the examination.

Oral Examination Development Group
Mark M. Hamilton, M.D., Oral Exam Co-Chair
Edward Dean Buckingham, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Roxana Cobo, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Brian William Downs, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Harley Seth Dresner, M. D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Todd C. Hobgood, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Thomas Thong T. Le, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Timothy S. Lian, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Vishad Nabili, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Steven J. Pearlman, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Scott Shadfar, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Taha Shipchandler, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Douglas M. Sidle, M.D., Oral Exam Development Reviewer
Preston Daniel Ward, M.D.,

Written Examination Development Group
Theda C. Kontis, M.D., Chairman
Marcelo B. Antunes, M.D., Unassigned
Carlos Ayala, M.D., Unassigned
Jacob Otto Boeckmann, M.D., Unassigned
Matthew Brace, M.D., Unassigned
Sydney C. Butts, M.D., Unassigned
Eugenia Chu, M.D., Unassigned
Alexander Cuna, M.D., Unassigned
Jaimie DeRosa, M.D., Unassigned
Jenifer Lee Henderson, M.D., Unassigned
Anil Joshi, M.D., Unassigned
Leslie Kim, M.D., Unassigned
Phillip R. Langsdon, M.D., Unassigned
Deirdre S. Leake, M.D., Unassigned
Linda N. Lee, M.D., Unassigned
Judy W. Lee, M.D., Unassigned
Jessyka Grace Lighthall, M.D., Unassigned
Myriam de Mar Loya, M.D., Unassigned
Jeffrey Scott Moyer, M.D., Unassigned
Samuel Oyer, M.D., Unassigned
Ali Razfar, M.D., Unassigned
Scott B. Roofe, M.D., Unassigned
Christian Lane Stallworth, M.D., Unassigned
Kristina Tansavatdi, M.D., Unassigned
Shiayin Yang, M.D., Unassigned

William H. Truswell, FPS FEC Director
Edward Dean Buckingham, M.D., FPS FEC Director
Paul J. Carniol, M.D.,
Robert L. Simons, M.D., Chairman, RLS Leadership Society
Harrison C. Putman, Ill, M.D., Senior Financial Adviser
Laurie Wirth, Executive Director

William H. Truswell, M.D., FPS FEC Trustee
Paul J. Carniol, M.D.
Robert L. Simons, M.D., Chairman
Edward Dean Buckingham, M.D., FPS FEC Trustee
Harrison C. Putman, III, M.D., Senior Financial Adviser

Peter Allan Adamson, OOnt, M.D.
William H. Truswell, M.D.
Mark V. Connelly, M.D.
Robert L. Simons, M.D.
Fred J. Stucker, M.D.

Diplomate Resources

The ABFPRS offers its diplomates a number of resources including:
  • Verifying certification
  • Framed certificates
  • Patient education flyers
  • AMA guidelines for ethical advertising
  • ABFPRS guest examiner
  • ABFPRS committee

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