Facial plastic surgery has generated interest and excitement since the earliest days, when pioneering surgeons began to explore this new frontier. There has been great opportunity to learn, then teach, to formalize training opportunities and extend the boundaries of basic principles long taught within otolaryngology residencies. Further, the opportunity for basic and clinical research in facial plastic surgery has grown substantially in the past fifteen years. Today, research reports share the spotlight with lasers, endoscopes, free-flap reconstructions, and other technological and scientific advancements. At times, progress in these areas occurred within the otolaryngology family, and other times independently.

We seem today to be at a watershed, with training established and recognition secure. It is time to move on to the more pressing issues of the day to restore patients confidence, to continue the advancement of techniques to improve patient management, and to negotiate our way through this new managed care landscape in a way that preserves our ability to provide the care we have devoted ourselves to deliver. These goals will be most easily accomplished and securely established by harnessing our impressive energies. Today’s needs, and yesterday’s lessons, dictate that appropriate action demands the collaborative effort of the ABO, AAO-HNS, AAFPRS, and ABFPRS. A new day in a unified understanding and support for facial plastic surgery augers well for the future strength of our specialty and the patients seeking our expertise.

Diplomate Resources

The ABFPRS offers its diplomates a number of resources including:
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  • Patient education flyers
  • Guidelines for ethical advertising
  • ABFPRS guest examiner
  • ABFPRS committee

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