Each year, the ABFPRS provides an incredible array of tangible and intangible services that benefit diplomates as well as the entire specialty of facial plastic surgery.

  • Maintain the value of your certificate by assuring the continued high standards of the examination and credentialing process.
  • Coordinate efforts with the AAFPRS to maintain ABFPRS recognition by state regulatory agencies.
  • Verify diplomate status to patients, licensing bodies, third-party payers, and others.
  • Maintain an up-to-date registry of all diplomates.
  • Ensure proper disclosure of the ABFPRS credential.
  • Answer patient questions about the meaning of ABFPRS certification.
  • Coordinate public relations efforts with the AAFPRS.
  • Provide ongoing support to the AAFPRS Fellowship program.
  • Assist diplomates with privileging, directory listing, or recognition problems by providing information packets about the ABFPRS credential. 
  • Link your webpage to our physician locator page on our website

These activities are of the utmost importance to keeping the ABFPRS strong. I urge 100% support from everyone. Thank you for your continued support. 

Diplomate Resources

The ABFPRS offers its diplomates a number of resources including:
  • Verifying certification
  • Framed certificates
  • Patient education flyers
  • Guidelines for ethical advertising
  • ABFPRS guest examiner
  • ABFPRS committee

Contact Us

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