The Howard W. Smith Legacy Society

All gifts to the FPS Fellowship Examination Corporation also count toward membership in the Howard W. Smith Legacy Society. The Legacy Society was jointly established in 1999 by the FPS FEC and the AAFPRS Foundation to honor those individuals, foundations, and corporations whose lifetime, cumulative charitable gifts to both of these organizations exceed $50,000.

“Howard’s exemplary philanthropic generosity is a beacon for all who believe it is important to give back in full measure to those organizations and enterprises from which they have derived great benefit.”
– Robert L. Simons, M.D.

Click here for a list of current HWS Legacy Society members.

Diplomate Resources

The ABFPRS offers its diplomates a number of resources including:
  • Verifying certification
  • Framed certificates
  • Patient education flyers
  • Guidelines for ethical advertising
  • ABFPRS guest examiner
  • ABFPRS committee

Contact Us

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