Vigorous leadership is required to maintain the high quality of the examination administered by the ABFPRS.

That leadership can be exercised through the FPS Fellowship Examination Corporation (FPS FEC), established in 1992 as an independent organization to ensure that surgeons completing fellowship training undergo rigorous examination.

Maintaining the examination’s high standards was identified as their top organizational priority by 98% of ABFPRS diplomates in a recent survey.

As a measure of knowledge and skills, this psychometrically validated examination offers the most demonstrable evidence of this subspecialty’s successful commitment to setting its own standards and creating a mechanism to determine which individuals meet these standards.

The examination is the concluding activity of the AAFPRS Foundation fellowship program and the first step toward certification by the ABFPRS.

As such, it plays an integral role in helping the subspecialty to achieve its mission, that is, to improve the quality of care available to the public.


“To me, it was absolutely necessary that facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons establish their own boards, the criteria for professionality, conduct, [and] performance. There might have been some question in certain individuals’ minds as to whether our examination program was ever necessary, but I can tell you in my opinion, it was not only necessary, but you simply could not get along without it today.”

– John J. Conley, M.D.