This prize is awarded annually to the U.S. or Canadian surgeon who achieves the highest combined score on the written and oral portions of the ABFPRS examination administered in Washington, D.C.

Established in 1993, the prize commemorates Jack R. Anderson, M.D., who cherished scholarship and surgical excellence and who devoted his life to ensuring that other dedicated surgeons would have access to training, the opportunity to practice, and recognition for excellence in facial plastic surgery. In 1988, he made the AAFPRS Foundation the beneficiary of the $1.5 million proceeds from a lawsuit that successfully challenged plastic surgeons’ defamatory remarks about otolaryngologists’ training in facial plastic surgery. He directed the AAFPRS Foundation to use a portion of those funds to create the fellowship examination program that the FPS FEC oversees through the ABFPRS.

Gifts to the FPS Fellowship Examination Corporation fund a monetary award and commemorative certificate for the recipient, as well as permanent citation in the ABFPRS office.


“What qualifies Jack to be remembered is that he did more than he asked anyone else to do. He gave more to our academy and our board than he ever asked in return, and that, to my mind, is the definition of greatness.”

– Gaylon McCollough (ABFPRS President 1989-1991)”


Winners of the Jack Anderson Prize

1992 Frank W. Shagets, M.D.
1993 Brian K. Flowers, M.D.
1994 Lane F. Smith, M.D.
1995 Frank J. Scaccia, M.D.
1996 Kevin C. Lunde, M.D.
1997 Leonard V. Covello, M.D.
1998 Brian P. Driscoll, M.D.
1999 Robert L. Kellman, M.D.
2000 David M. Powell, M.D.
2001 Jenifer L. Henderson, M.D.
2002 Christopher L. Lykins, M.D.
2003 Catherine P. Winslow, M.D.
2004 Chad B. Gunnlaugsson, M.D.
2005 Derek Kofi Boahene, M.D.
2006 Khalid Ansari, M.D.
2007 Kent E. Gardner, M.D.
2008 Etai Funk, M.D.
2009 Richard Barnett, M.D

2010 Jamil Asaria, M.D.
2011 Jaspreet Prischmann, M.D.
2012 David M. Lieberman, M.D.
2013 Jon-Paul Pepper, M.D.
2014 Jacob O. Boeckmann, M.D.
2015 Samuel Oyer, M.D.
2016 Matthew Brace, M.D.
2017 Jordan P. Sand, M.D.
2018 Matthew Tamplen, M.D.
2019 G. Nina Lu, M.D.
2020 Rakhna Araslanova, M.D.
2021 Joel Stanek, M.D.
2022 Dominic J. Vernon, M.D.